Are you a Disney tragic? You need this amazing bouquet!

Thank you so much Offbeat Bride for showing us this amazing bouquet made from charms with a delightfully Disney theme.

Many brides are looking for a quirky way to bring little snippets of their characters into their big days to make it uniquely their own.

The best part of this bouquet is that it will always be a keepsake of her wedding day. It won’t perish or deteriorate with age.




It’s those little touches that mean the most…. and as you can see this bride is very particular in her detailing.

The three pictures below show us the beautiful bouquet up close, where we can really appreciate the amount of effort our bride has put in. The first shows the Disney story book; in the second picture we can see Cinderella’s carriage and the famous mirror from Sleeping Beauty. In the third picture we can see the rose from Beauty and the Beast.

It doesn’t matter what your ‘thing’ is, but you can make your day truly unique by investing a little bit of your quirky selves into it. It’s your special day, it should be all about the two of you getting married and celebrating what makes you unique as individuals, and even more distinctive as a couple.




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