Are you a Disney tragic? You need this amazing bouquet!

Thank you so much Offbeat Bride for showing us this amazing bouquet made from charms with a delightfully Disney theme.

Many brides are looking for a quirky way to bring little snippets of their characters into their big days to make it uniquely their own.

The best part of this bouquet is that it will always be a keepsake of her wedding day. It won’t perish or deteriorate with age.




It’s those little touches that mean the most…. and as you can see this bride is very particular in her detailing.

The three pictures below show us the beautiful bouquet up close, where we can really appreciate the amount of effort our bride has put in. The first shows the Disney story book; in the second picture we can see Cinderella’s carriage and the famous mirror from Sleeping Beauty. In the third picture we can see the rose from Beauty and the Beast.

It doesn’t matter what your ‘thing’ is, but you can make your day truly unique by investing a little bit of your quirky selves into it. It’s your special day, it should be all about the two of you getting married and celebrating what makes you unique as individuals, and even more distinctive as a couple.




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Paper Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are traditionally made of beautifully arranged, gorgeous smelling fresh seasonal flowers. Over the years there have been many different styles and trends of bouquets, depending on the bride’s tastes and, of course, the availability of the flowers.


It is thought that brides originally carried a bouquet of flowers with her as she walked down the aisle, not to add to the beauty of the occasion, but simply to hide her smell! Hygiene in the middle ages certainly wasn’t the best, with baths being a luxury for most. What better way to hide the odour than with a bunch of fragrant fresh flowers.





But things have changed! (Thank goodness) And there are lots of new alternatives appearing on the scene. My favourite….. paper bouquets.


How inspirational are these paper bouquets? All a little bit quirky, but they are all very symbolic. One of them is made of comic book pages of the grooms favourite superhero, another is made of pages of the couple’s favourite passages, and then there is the one made from sheet music….. they are all so special – they are all so unique.




So when you are thinking of how you can put your own special stamp on your wedding, keep an open mind, because the results can be stunning, and I’m sure the end results for these brides was very rewarding.





Rainbows Reign in Australia Today

Congratulations to the LGBTQI communities of Australia!

Today, parliament voted YES to pass the bill for same-sex marriages in Australia and to recognise all overseas marriages.

As of Saturday 9th December 2017, ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ forms are able to be completed by those in same-sex relationships, ready for weddings starting on the 9th January, 2018.

I AM SO EXCITED! I wonder who will be my first same-sex couple?

It’s a great day for Marriage Equality and a day that will go down in Australian history.

Love is Love.

XX Ruth

Why not have your Grandma as your Flower Girl?

This is just too adorable.

I can only imagine how proud parents and grandparents must feel as they watch the younger generations of their families getting married.

More and more of my clients are making sure that their parents are involved in their weddings at some stage, with fathers doing readings in the ceremonies to mothers acting as legal witnesses.

But this wedding in America has topped it all off, with one amazing bride having her Grandma acting as her Flower Girl, and it’s quite obvious that she is loving every minute of it.

Don’t ever be afraid to think outside of the box. Their is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in modern wedding ceremonies, there is just ‘what makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside’.



Southern Highlands Wedding Fair

I’m off to the Highlands for a Fair!

I am so excited about this event! I am looking forward to meeting new clients and suppliers and also to see the new trends in the wedding industry.

If you are newly engaged or your nuptials are fast approaching, come down to Bradman Oval in Bowral between 10am to 3pm. The fair will show off the best suppliers and vendors that the Southern Highlands has to offer.

Wedding fairs are a great day out for your and your bridesmaids, or perhaps even the groom. Their will be live entertainment and fashion parades, with great prizes to be won!

Tickets are only $22 visit to get yours today!

Are Donuts the New Wedding Cake?

Looking for an alternative to traditional wedding cake? Why not have donuts? There are lots of variations of flavours and there are endless fun ways to display them….. and of course, they taste amazing!!


Spooktacular Wedding Ideas

Happy Halloween ! Who would have thought a Halloween themed wedding could look so good?

Celebrate your own special moments in your own special style…. whatever that may be 😊

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Photos courtesy of Todd Nichols Photography

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