Other Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies


Same sex marriage is not yet legal in Australia.

However, as a celebrant I can offer you a commitment ceremony which enables you and your partner the ability to declare your love for each other in a ceremony in front of your friends and family.

Similar to a marriage ceremony,  you can incorporate your own personal vows and readings, exchange rings, and add other types of commitment rituals to the ceremony.


Renewal of Vows


Marriage is not always easy, and it important to celebrate all of the important milestones along the way. Renewal of Vows is a great way to do this.

Many couples feel the need to renew their vows for varying reasons. Some choose to renew their vows on a special anniversary, such as their 50th Anniversary. Others may choose to do so after hardship or separation.

Regardless of the reason, it is a wonderful excuse for a celebration.


Life Celebrations


There are many occasions in life that you may feel need to be celebrated, yet are unsure of how to do so. Such occasions can include companion funerals, for our non-human family members, and the scattering of ashes.

No special occasion should go without celebration, and I believe a beautiful ceremony can be written for any personal milestone you may require.